Global Warming and Carbon Tax and Geo Engineering – Oh My!

Here’s a thought for you. Mainstream media sounded the alarm bell for global warming and what has the result been? The creation of a do nothing, transfer of wealth, tax on carbon.

Turns out that the rise in air temperature, what most people think of global warming as, is not the thing that humanity should be concerned about. The thing that we should actually be concerned about is the warming of the oceans.

Water retains about 4 times the energy compared to air. The result of the warming of the oceans is large scale die off. We see this, and hear of this, regularly these days.

What we don’t hear about from the mainstream media is just how severe the die off of plankton is, some areas report near 50%. Plankton generates between 40 to 60 percent of all the planets oxygen. Why don’t we hear about this from the mainstream media?

The answer is quite simple, there are no consumers to tax therefore there is no incentive to report on it. Exposing these horrible facts to the public might educate the masses to just how contrived the connection between global warming and carbon tax is.

Is human activity altering environments? Without question. However, Geo engineering is doing more harm to the planet than all the automobiles combined. Nature is nothing if not balance. Geo engineering has been throwing off that balance for more than 60 years and there is little to none, with respect to public reporting, on this to date.

The east coast of the US and most of Canada are being un-naturally cooled while the rest of the world slowly heats up. This has to upset the balance and we have been experiencing this imbalance quite a bit over the past decade and it appears to be continuing to ramp up.

The amount of energy and pollutants employed in geo engineering far surpasses the air pollution generated by our little workaday lives.

A short while ago I reviewed reports on this giant, unnatural cloud that stretched from Antarctica to the arctic. This long, narrow cloud went half way around the planet, came out of nowhere and formed in a relatively short period of time. No one seems to know where it came from, or how it had formed.

I have been following reports over the course of a year where there have been recordings of massive energy waves travelling the length of the Pacific Ocean. Once again, originating off Antarctica. Just how much energy does it take to generate massive energy waves that travel underwater from pole to pole? Better yet, to what purpose?

Compared to that the exhaust spewing from my Hemi engine as I drive to 7/11 ain’t contributing jack shit to global warming. Well, not enough that I should have to pay tax upon tax for the privilege of not having to walk to the store.

Carbon tax is a lie. It does nothing other than reward the people who are responsible for forcing us to use this outdated form of energy in the first place.

One day, when I am bored and pissed off enough, I will write about the purpose behind the geo engineering that is happening.

Before I close off though I will say this about the bees and how their die off is being used to further the justification for carbon tax. If human activity caused pollution is allegedly responsible for the decline in honey bees, then why is the die off of honeybees happening at pretty much the same rate for unpopulated areas. What is killing off those bees who are not exposed to pesticide and other environmental pollutants?

Just remember this as you watch the ever-increasing cost of carbon tax get added to your purchases.


Image By Muhammad Mahdi Karim [GFDL 1.2], from Wikimedia Commons

Voice Forensics in Artificial Intelligence – Who Knew?

We’ve all heard various things about AI or artificial intelligence. For me, AI was being developed through the collected information via search engines and then social media. My personal position has always been that the big breakthroughs in AI would stem from companies like Google.

In fact, the accumulated personal data recorded by Google over the past 20 years, allows Google to make intuitive decisions to a very high degree of accuracy, on a solution being the correct response to just about any query. And why not as we have been asking Google so many questions everyday with the search giant analyzing our responses to its offerings. All in the name of marketing?

Well, as enlightened in AI as I may have thought I was through occupational hazard, I never thought of data capturing for AI in any other forms but clearly I have erred in my ignorance.

Turns out that there is an even bigger collection of human data being collected and used in artificial intelligence.

Voice forensic data offers so much more in terms of usable information about humans. Voice forensics is apparently so powerful that according to Rita Singh of Carnegie Mellon, the voice alone can be analyzed to produce an accurate 3D rendering of the speakers face. Further, voice forensics will soon be employed in health diagnosis and is already being used by some police departments to root out criminality.

To give you an idea at just how big the potential data sets of information could be; it is estimated that there is over 700 centuries of speech spoken every day over just cellphones. When you add in the number of online communications like podcasts, youtube video uploads and skype, the numbers start to double.

The question isn’t “are they listening to our conversations” because we know that they are, they arrogantly told us that they are. No the question is, are they retaining our conversations?

Shhhh – We will tell you what to think!

icann-svgThe Globalists are set to screw people over in a big, big way today. Nobody controls the Internet with one very large exception; the IP addresses. The US government is handing this control over to ICANN today and with it the protection of Free Speech on the Internet. This might not mean as much to most countries but to Americans free speech, or at least the illusions of free speech, means quite a bit.

For those of you who don’t know what globalisation is; in a nutshell it is our elected politicians not acting in the best interest of the people of their respected countries but rather, acting in the best interests of corporations.They do this in the name unification of the planet.

They claim that if we were all part of a one planet government that this would do away with wars. Well I guess they think that we have extremely short memories and can’t remember things like civil wars.

I know that the following statement will be difficult for most people to accept because of conditioning not to believe in certain things but, if you really want to do away with wars we have to remove the banking cartels and the people who control them. Organizations like the CFR (Committee on Foreign Relations) for example, belong to  certain organizations that have secretly been the progenitors of every war since the Spanish – American war. Perhaps even earlier.

These organizations, who are made up in a large part, by your elected officials, are NOT working in the best interests of the people of the countries in which they were elected. On the contrary, they are working to further the interests of their long term goal of a one world government. A one world government would toss out every Constitution, Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the like. The very things that offer citizens protection from governmental abuse.

These same groups like the CFR also control, or are in cahoots with, the giant media corporations that produce our news media and entertainment concerns. The one thing that has kept some of their plans in check has been the freedom of speech over the Internet and as of today, control of that freedom is being handed over by Barack Obama, to a private corporation.

While it might take a while for things to start changing on the Internet, change they will. At some point I think we can expect costs to go up for services. The days of our cheap Internet based long distance phone services will soon change and related fees will eventually go up. Things like streaming TV costs will go up. But the worst change will be from the groups that choose what news they give us will also control information that is available on the Internet.

Do you really think that once this private corporation called ICANN, albeit a non-profit corporation with over 200 million in their bank account, is going to be altruistic and do the right thing and not succumb to the pressures of corporate interests? I’d like to think that they would be able to resist payoffs and bribes but that wouldn’t be realistic, well not to the world we live in today.

I know you probably do not want to accept this but this kind of censorship has already begun in Europe. Within the past few weeks the European Union has ruled that posting a link to another site’s, video, pictures or whatever, to your blog, social media account or website, may violate copyright laws. The only way around these types of resulting fines would be to either stop posting links or, pay some form of link tax that more and more governments are trying to implement.

This is not some kind of conspiracy theory, this is fact look it up. More information on the subject

As far as the globalist agenda goes, it may be too late to prevent this from screwing us but…the least we should do is to turn the lights on so we can see just who it is that is screwing us.

Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter which wins because their strings are being pulled by the same groups. Today’s deal will just make it easier for the powers that be to be able to tell us who to support.

Donald – Sung to the tune of Sunshine by Jonathan Edwards

I was sitting around doing some work last night and I had Anchorman – The Legend of Ron Burgundy playing in the background. During one of the clips the music playing was Sunshine by Jonathan Edwards and while I was working I started singing along but I replaced the word Sunshine with Donald and got inspired to parody Donald Trump and some of the shit he is laying down through this old classic song.


Sung to the tune of Sunshine by Jonathan Edwards

Donald go away today,
I don’t feel much like voting
Trump man’s come, he’s trying to ruin my life
Understand what he’s askin’?

Well he tells me I’d better get in line
Can’t believe he sayin’
When I vote, I’m gonna keep it mine
All his dues I ain’t payin’

How much will it cost? Who’ll buy it.
This time’ll all be lost. Don’t try it.
and he can’t even run his own life,
I’ll be damned if he’ll ruin mine

Donald go away today,
I don’t feel much like voting
Trump man’s come, he’s trying to ruin my life
Can’t believe what he’s askin’

Wording starts to make me wonder where
thoughts of his are all going
He says in life my works have all been fair
He’s pays tax he ain’t showin’

How much will it cost? Who’ll buy it.
In time we’ll all be lost. Don’t try it.
and he can’t even run his own life,
I’ll be damned if he’ll ruin mine

Donald come on back usual way
I promise you I’ll be watchin’
This old world she’s gonna have rebound
Reality TV I’d be thinkin’

A Drone Outside Your Window What Do You Do?


Replace the camera with a remote controlled gun!

So I had a rather morbid thought today as I went for my morning walk. As some of you know I enjoy crime dramas and documentaries and in some of these programs they perform a particular forensic test to determine from which direction a bullet was fired by tracing the trajectory with lasers pointers from the point of impact. Pretty sure if you have seen a crime drama you have seen them do this test.

Any way my thought was quite simply this; what could stop someone from mounting a remote controlled weapon such as a small calibre rifle, on a remote controlled drone and parking it outside your window and start shooting at people, places or things? Pretty easy frame up eh? Want some revenge on somebody, set them up for a little or a lot of public damage by making it look like they were shooting off a gun from their 10 floor balcony.

We could actually take this another step further by using these drones as an assassination tool to off politicians and other high level targets. Again armed with a silent drone that has a range of 3 miles or so and viola, the assassin gets the shot off from three miles away or so thus enabling them a much higher escape rate. How do the authorities defend against something like that?

I am going to step out on a limb here and make the prediction that this method of attack is going to be used by terrorists to make attacks here in North America. And wouldn’t that offer up some more irony? The US military complex uses sophisticated drones that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to strike with and the terrorists will use off of the shelf toys that cost tens of hundreds of dollars that will cause way more damage given the value of the targets the two combatants aim at.

Sand Wars – Who Knew?

I just finished watching a documentary called Sand Wars and talk about an eye opener.

I like most of us outside of the aggregate industry take sand for granted. The stuff is used in just about everything, from the homes we live in to the bank cards we now use instead of money. It is so common that we never really think about it unless our toes are digging in it.

The sad fact about sand is that it is not a renewable resource and we are running out. Sure you might think there is tons of the stuff lying around in all the desserts of the world and while that is true it just isn’t the right kind of sand for building. Dessert sand has been blown around so much that the grains are rounded whereas sea sand is much coarser with harsh angles and this coarseness makes it perfect for building material.

So why is this a problem as the oceans are vast with lots of sea sand at the bottom you might think but the truth is that there really isn’t that much sea sand out there. While it is true that huge quantities of sea sand is being dredged up from the seas the problem is that when you suck up all of the sand out at sea, the actions of tide and wind is pulling the sand from the beaches to fill in those dredged hallows. This erosion is problematic on land as well as it is at sea. For example there are approximately 15 islands that have disappeared from Indonesia because of sea sand harvesting.

The demands on sand are so vast that sand is now the 3rd largest commodity traded around the globe, right behind oil and water. At present there are not a lot of regulations regarding the harvesting of sand and as such it is like a gold rush with companies springing up to harvest the limited commodity, which is free to harvest once you have the equipment to do so. Apparently there are no limits to the willing buyers around the world for the stuff as it becomes harder and harder to get.

The majority of the people of this day and age of this so called enlightenment have no idea that this issue exists and sadly by the time John Q Public discovers this potential crisis exists there will be little that can be done about it.

Sand Wars is a very informative documentary about the biggest problem you were unaware of.